Trading Videos

Periodically I will make new trading videos that are stock specific.  If you'd like me to do some quick technical analysis on any equity in any tradable market, future, mutual fund, please leave me a comment here or in my YouTube channel and what the symbol and derivative is.

I will give you my opinion and in no way is my opinion construed as financial advice, but rather food for thought.  You are to make your own trading and investing decisions.

My link will be over in the Trading Resources to the left hand side of this page - Gorilla Dancing Trading Videos.

More Than A Year

I can't believe it's been more than a year since I last wrote a post to this blog.  I have been intermittently looking at the markets and have been doing some light trading and will continue to for awhile.  No daytrading for me, just swing trading, holding positions anywhere from a couple days to maybe a week?

Have made some good trades on FSLR.  I am not doing options right now, just straight equities.  When you've been away for awhile, it's best to not over do it and gradually rebuild the capital.  I've traded FLSR just before it went gangbuster on 4/9.  Got in the day before and had no clue that it would go from the mid 20s up to 40ish.  When it did that, I did immediately get out as I looked at it's history and saw that usually after a big move, it quickly pulls back.

It's now done that several times and each time I have been able to take advantage of this.  My most recent was when it almost hit $53.  I got out about $52.  I'm using more caution here as the $51-52 was my target original target.

Other stocks I am looking at are:  BAC, INTC, AMD, SPWR, GLW, MS, YAHOO, BSX, BBRY, ZNGA.  When I have time, and the inclination, I will choose the best ones and maybe do a short video of these and some technical analysis before I get into the trades.

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