I can't remember the last time I posted to this blog.  Today I got to trade the last 2.25 hrs of the market, the ES.  A friend encouraged me to do so, even though my accounts are technically not allowing me to trade - dipped too low.  I was going to say that it's not over until the fat lady sings.  Well, considering that I'm once again on the weight loss (bodyfat loss) journey and so far fairly successful, the fat lady won't be singing anytime soon hopefully.

Me not being in the market is taking longer than I would like, but all things happen for a reason.  I need to earn my way back to be able to trade the markets.

So, today, following my trading plan, which is now instead of 4 steps, it's comprised of 3 steps.  Love simplification.  Basically I look at volume, RSI, and my chart.  My prices are in candles and I have the 200 EMA on my chart.  That's it.

I don't have a chart to show you today, but I made 5 trades.  4 trades had profits, 1 trade was break even.

Of those 5 trades I took, 3 of them followed my trading plan and 2 only followed 2 of the 3 steps.  It's not like it's a lot of steps to follow, eh?  Though I netted a half point NOT following my trading plan precisely, it's still not good.

Today is just a random day and prior to today, I had no clue what was happening in the market.  My trading plan does apply to all market conditions.  I used the 1 & 5 min. charts today and went along with the trend that was occurring for that shorter time period.

Of course, another thing I did wrong was I did not check to see what the economic indicators were.  That could've been deadly.  Ugggh.  Even if I could trade today, though I took 10.5 pts from the market in 2.5 hrs with 1 contract, I'm not ready.
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