That Long

I can't believe it's been since February since I last wrote.  A lot of stuff has gone on in my personal life that has not been good, but at the same time, God has been helping me make lemonade out of lemons.  My finances still have a lot left to be desired, but I am making progress towards getting things organized and straightened out.  It will most likely take the remainder of this year to get through the mess I have and get on a better footing.

A part of this probably means getting a job and working for someone, as the things I've attempted to make a go of have not panned out.  Learned some valuable lessons there, but at least I went for it, though, failing again.

The past week, I've been looking at the market and the stocks that I have liked in the past and still like today because of their trading patterns and the consistency with which they trade.

My favorites for now are:
  • ALXN
  • AAPL
  • AMZN
  • BIDU
  • CMI
  • GOOG
  • HON
  • IBM
  • ISRG
  • JOYG
  • MA
  • MOS
  • NFLX
  • ORCL
  • SLB
  • SOHU
  • UTX
  • V
  • WYNN (I would not put money to this just because of the gambling aspect, but it has good patterns)
  • XLE
Maybe I'll create some videos talking about why I like these.  Don't have time right now, but maybe next week sometime.

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