Can We Push Higher?

So how does this work?  How does a stock decide it wants to keep going higher as opposed to decide to go lower?

I heard once a stock stops going higher when it starts going down.  Well, duh!

RSI is something that I love to us, with a period of 7.  There is no indicator that is 100% proof.  I do use RSI in conjunction with Volume, MACD, the moving averages. 

What I've noticed is that although RSI can be trending down, it does sometime take time for everything to jive with each other. 

In the middle of Sep'10, BIDU begins to rally (daily, 1 yr chart).  The stock pushes high, RSI is trending up and not in overbought area, MACD is bullish, and the stock is above all my EMAs (10/20/50/200).  That is bullish. 

However, you cannot get any higher for RSI than 100.  When you're pushing really close to this, you need to really watch out for a pullback.  Such was the case with BIDU.  There is some heavy selling, but the stock doesn't pullback much.  The stock basically remains above the 20 EMA, RSI drops, MACD weakens, and the stock really attempts to rally.

It will often attempt a number of times before it just gives up.  BIDU, however, doesn't give up for long before it rallies again.  I've found that BIDU likes to often work in rounds of 3-5, either up or down.  Each iteration up or down is another time to get back into the game.

Here's what a stock will do -- I think I can, I think I can, I think I can . . . and if there's enough steep, it'll keep going, or take a little rest before it keeps going.  Other times, it's just way to hard and it will come plummeting down.

Can we push high?
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