BIDU - I Love You

I guess I just broke one of the rules of trading, right?  One should never be in love with a stock, but how could you not for BIDU?  I'm Chinese and this is an exciting stock that is a mover and a shaker.  But, I'm also an American and it trades on an American Exchange.

This stock just LOVES to go up.  As one looks at the volumes in terms of trending, the past 2 yrs this stock has been losing volume.  Granted, it's still trading monthly around the 300,000 million average for the past 2 yrs.  It's about trends, though.

Volumes are decreasing and the stock pushes higher.  RSI has a slight trend towards the downside.  Though they just had an earnings report and the stock has pushed the highest it's ever been, my bets are that a pullback are in order, probably to fill the gap.

RSI, Bullish Volume, MACD are all signalling to me bearish.  RSI is in overbought territory.  A real pullback is in order, but, of course, I can always be wrong.  That's the thing with trading, you can always be wrong.

I'm still on a trading break, but since my charts were up, I figure why not look at least one stock - my favorite, BIDU. 
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