I think I've written on this topic before and care to touch it again, but in a different way.  Are you a giver or a taker?  I would love to be a consistent taker in the market.  Why am I not?  I still think it has to do with mindsets - what's deep in my subconscious and what's on the inside of me that manifests itself into this natural world.

For a long time, as a person, I was a big giver.  However, I don't want to be a giver of funds into the market, yet I have been that also.  The past 3 yrs, I've been learned to be a receiver.  That's a bit different than a taker.  Sometimes you do need to be a taker, but other times, receiving is different.

The past 2 months, I've gotten involved in my exercising back in full swing.  I figure I need to settle areas of my life before trading and this is part of the process.  It's to become steadfast in what I'm doing, rather than look for excitement in the market.

The most successful traders I know consistently take their trades whether profitable or costing.  They do the routine of taking money and don't need that additional excitement that I've found that I have needed, which has been detrimental.

The most successful traders I know are incredible people -- they have a good balance of caring for people (giving) and receiving from the market.  It's been interesting to see generous people who get more money.  The generosity continues.  Rather, selfish people who gain money, it's sort of like the Dead Sea.  It just all stops there. 

The weight loss program I'm on with Scott Colby, I've found him to be an incredible person with great integrity and a huge, generous heart.  He gives so much and helps people out a lot.  I can't help but want for him to have super great success that grows wildly.  He's real, transparent, yet, he's found a way to make money, have fun, help people out.  I have a super deep respect for the guy and hope that all his dreams come true.

I'm noticing many of the relationships that are coming into my life are from really wonderful people.  However, sometimes an icky person pops back in and I've got to take notice.  Why is that?  Is there still an element or stuff inside of me that is attracting sleeziness, people who lack moral integrity as well as people whom I don't respect or trust?  One could ignore that and say it doesn't exist within ourselves, but I do believe we attract what's really inside of us.

Gotta look deeper to see if there are areas I'm being dishonest in my life.  The reason why I'm writing about this in a trading blog is if we have unhealthy relationships, I do believe that will impact my ability to be able to trade well and to be able to keep money, grow my accounts consistently.

New Look

I think it's time for a new look for this blog.  Loved the other look, but needed a change.  What are your thoughts?  This is really a simple look.

Gorillas live amidst the trees.  What that some type of movie?

I'm thinking my future is filled with lots of green, an abundance of green.

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