What I've Learned From Tim Sykes

I've spent some of my morning just analyzing some of Tim's performance to see what I can learn. I love charts, tables, and analyzing results, especially if they look good.

Tim does have enough data points of 376 trades in the past 28 months of trading.

Here is some of his breakdown of where he puts his money in terms of stock dollars:

What am I learning from these results? Tim optimally trades in the $1.01 to $5.00 range. He has great results and the most consistent there. He typically takes profits around the 8-9% movement. It seems when he goes to more expensive stocks, he tends to be less successfully consistent.

He's confirming that the small hits on a regular basis over time helps build a good size account. He shows reasonable discipline, regularity.

I cannot say what his trading strategies or plans or as I don't have his DVDs or watched him trade. But, these are impressive real life results.

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