Quick & Dirty Tim Syke's Performance

I know that Tim has his stats on his site, but I wanted to see a few things more regarding his stats. Being a number's person, this was interesting.

He started trading in his account with around $12,415 in Feb'08. He made a total of 17 trades, 5 of them costing. 70% of his trades went in his favor. His profitable trades were $2881 and costing trades were $820 with a net of $2061. Not sure if in what he reported, this included commissions or not. It would've been nice to see how much money he put into each trade.

His avg costing trade was $164 and his avg profitable trade was $240.08, so if 70% of his trades are in his favor and 30% aren't, those are GREAT stats. Of the past 29 months, he made trades in 28 months. Somehow he either didn't trade in Oct'09 or forgot to put the data in his website.

After all the data is reviewed:

Total Trades in 28 months of trading = 376

Profitable Trades = 291 (77%)
Costing Trades = 85 (23%)

Avg Profitable Trade = $1186.16
Avg Costing Trade = $711.80

ROI = 2293% in 28 months of trading ----> Pretty amazing if you ask me.

His lowest month was 46% of trades in his favor, with only 4 out of the 28 months under 60% of trades in his favor. Wow! Of those 28 months, only 1 month was negative. Another month he netted $2.00. All the other months he made more than $100.

Least month = <$340.00)
Most Month = $49,327.00
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