Financial Household

I would have to say that I've been wrong about trading, unfortunately. With all the stuff that I have going on, it's no wonder why I cannot trade well. Honestly, if you want to daytrade and make money, it takes well more than being a good technical analyst. It takes more than being smart.

One has got to be financially organized, and you do need to be organized period. I've been limping along in my trading for quite some time now that I've totally lost track. I wanted to do the noble thing in my personal finances, but it isn't working out to be such the case.

With legal advice, I'm going to be taking some huge steps back from trading and just not trade with real funds for awhile. This awhile may be a year or more or 6 months or a couple years. I'm really not sure, but one thing for sure is, my personal finances are a mess and it's totally screwing up my trading. If I continue to trade, I might as well be throwing money out the window to never-never land.

My personal finances, from what I can gather, will take at least another 1.5 yrs to resolve until I'm back in a good position to trade. In the meantime, though I'd hate to say this, but I'm going to go get a job or something to make money consistently and begin saving up to totally rethink and redo how I trade.

Things are such a mess, it's best to scrap everything and start over. One of the things I may consider is joining a company that has you trade their methods and I get a percentage of the profits. I'd learn how to become a professional trader. I'd do this part-time.

In the meantime, I'd either go work a regular job part-time or find another business that has been proven successful and follow their methodologies rather than reinvent the wheel. Maybe through those arenas, I can then be consistently successful.

One thing I've learned in trading is if you have a lot of CRAP in your life, it's going to negatively impact your trading. Have a good stash of money for those failures, as they will come. The better thing is really to work successfully with someone else, be successful there before branching out on your own.

I gave it my best shot and it just didn't work out. :( I've learned some valuable lessons.

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