Pushing Past

The only way to move forward is to not look back and step forward, regardless of your fears. Particularly when you have fears, one of the great ways to eliminate them (meaning to reduce their power), is to push yourself to acknowledge the things you are fearful about and push them aside as you move forward.

Too often I have found myself making a mistake because I was fearful. It was self-fulfilling prophesy.

I noticed that I do not have any problems attracting people or getting people to smile. Why? No fear. Even if they don't smile back at me, I still smile and think it's their loss. In fact, there are many things I do not fear and just do and there is great success in those areas of my life.

One of the thoughts that have been popping into my head the past week which I have not done in my trading is to LAUGH. Yes, that's right. LAUGH! Laughing releases endorphins, making one feel better, more relaxed. I'm wondering how does a person amidst a serious thing laugh. Maybe I should imagine the traders naked or at least partially naked wearing silly things? Has anyone ever tried that?

For now, I am taking a week off as I said if certain things happened, I would need to take at least a week or more off to regroup. Will continue to practice trade realtime, but after 3 weeks of ending negatively, that's just not a good thing and I need to figure out what's wrong.

At this point, it has nothing to do with logistics because my computer, internet connection, trading software, account, etc are all working fine. Maybe my gut reactions need a bit of cleaning out? My gut needs some laughter.
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