Well, the Dow hit 11,000 and the S&P 500 is close to 1,200.

Something I learned today listening to another trader was the market is bound to push lower or higher on Friday's going into the weekend rather than on a Monday or somewhere during the week. The rationale is that people often have time on the weekends to spend money. If they are optimistic, consumer spending will be up over the weekend. That sounds reasonable to me.

We are into the start of another earnings quarter with Alcoa kicking it off on Monday. It's supposed to be a wild ride. Other big companies reporting are INTC, JPM, GOOG, BAC, GE.

Though I'm often a bear, I would have to say in the interim, I am wrong. The market hasn't had the bearish flavor I was hoping. The key is when trading is to always be present. If the market wants to go up, you go up with it. If it wants to go down, you go down with it. It is often dangerous to have an opinion, especially if you have the need to be right.

So, let it ride higher. If that means more jobs for people and lower unemployment, that's excellent. I'll take it for as long as it goes.
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