Okay, this may sound hokey to you, but one of the questions I've had is that if my technicals are so good, and I do all this other good, positive stuff, why has my trading still not been what it ought to be, or at least what I think it ought to be?

Monday I was listening to a couple teleseminars by 2 different people on different topics. However, both topics were about improving yourself. I'm in a constant state of learning about myself and growing to be the best I can be, uncovering the lies so I can live my true self.

Typically I eat healthy, get moderate exercise (been inconsistent in the past year plus), do a BUNCH of self-help, positive things from prayer, study/reading the Bible, affirmations, positive thoughts, EFT, EMDR, books, teleseminars, and the list of things goes on. Am I impatient about the process of uncovering false beliefs?

Let me get more to the point. Two things were said in Monday's teleseminars:

1. Fear resides in the stomach.
2. Whatever body parts you dislike, those parts are weakening & dying.

So you say so what?

My yoga instructor 1.5 yrs ago told me that fear resides in the psoas. Immediately I told my massage therapist to work on that area of my body to get those fears physically out. Maybe to some degree he did, as over the course of the next months, some really challenging things occurred and I was able to get through them.

The words we speak verbally and the thoughts we think are very important. There is life & death in the power of our words. I had been speaking ill to my tummy area my whole life. That's why I have the tug of war going on. I do a lot of positive things.

Zig Ziglar said for every 1 negative thing you receive, it takes 16 positive things to counteract it. Isn't that insane? Negative things really take a huge toll on our health as well as sabotage our success.

It's been more than a week since I heard those teleseminars. I've been saying good things about my tummy and getting excited about it - loving my tummy. Just like we can't plant a seed today and have it bear us fruit the next day, so it's going to have to be something I cultivate. Afterall, I spent several decades hating my tummy.

That area is where your gut, intestines, psoas, kidneys, liver, pancreas, various hormonal stuff like metabolism. My goodness, so many important things and I've been speaking ill to it all my life. It will take some work to undo this. God have mercy & grace on me.

Where might you be sabotaging yourself.
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