Windows Update

What happened after my last Windows Update which occurred Tuesday evening? I didn't reboot until Wednesday morning and guess what? My laptop wouldn't reboot at all, not even in safe mode.

Any 4 days later and $238 later, my laptop is back up and running. The stuff they told me they did (the computer repair shop) was very labor intensive. Though that seems like a lot to me, they were able to save my files minus my programs -- well, they did save Trade Navigator and my financial software stuff. Outside of that, all my programs have been wiped out.

It was forced spring cleaning on my laptop. Thankfully I had much of my stuff saved & backed up on my external harddrive, but I wasn't sure what. Needless to say, I had several days without the computer and got to get a lot of reading done, which is good.

In the meantime, God has just been doing a work in me. I no longer have a beau, either. Dealt with some spiritual bondage of some childhood lies I've held in my belief system. So, over the past several days, I guess I've not only gotten my computer cleared of a lot of junk, but dealt with relationship issues and emotional/spiritual stuff.

Been quite a week. It is a new Chinese lunar year, as I'm Chinese. Gong Hay Fat Choi!!!

I still haven't been able to bring back up my Trade Navigator software and am waiting for the Genesis people to answer their phones to help me with loading things up -- forgot my customer ID.
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