Okay, this is really frustrating. As my readers, you probably see a very troubled, inconsistent trader. Yes, I know my technicals, can even explain and share them, but why am I NOT more successful at them? I've had success, but consistently, month after month, year after year. That's what I'm talking about. It seems like I'm all over the place.

What lies are embedded in my belief system? What lies do I believe? Seriously, what are they? If there were not lies, I'd be making millions every year.

Here are some of the knowns with me:

1. Good technical trader
2. Know how to trade & make money
3. Good written, proven trading strategies
4. Good trading plan that is living
5. Focused on one differential in trading that is a good one with plenty of liquidity
6. Knows the rules for trading

So why am I not consistently making money in the market? I have my plans and they work. They make money and they make money in ANY market -- fast, slow, medium, choppy, trending, sideways. Those are your only markets.

I don't need to have a large trading account, which I do not have right now for all sorts of reasons -- like, mistakes in the market from my decisions or from logistics in trading, or that I need money to support my kids & I. I enough money to trade with and to make money, so that's not the issue.

I don't need to trade with more than 1 contract to make more than enough money to live on or to even make more than I did as a senior level mechanical engineer. In fact, that amount of money can be made in 1-3 hrs.

I have the time most every day, 6 days a week, to usually trade 1-3 hrs a day. I'm just requiring that I do it 5 days/wk (M-F).

I'm not trading a bunch of things, just ONE thing - the ES (the S&P emini futures), so it's not like I have to be up on all these companies, their earnings, news, etc. It's so much easier to just keep track of ONE thing.

I'm hardwired connected to the internet, no longer WiFi, so connection issues should not be an issue. All my "stuff": software, laptop, etc. are working fine.

What is holding me back? It's very frustrating to not see it. It's not like I'm lazy. I'm here at the computer trading. All I have to do is switch from the sim (practice) account to my funded account.

Possible Lies:

1. I'll lose the money I have because of more bonehead things like not following my strats, then I'll have to go back out to work as an engineer and not get to see my kids because I'll be working all the time and too exhausted to spend the time with them?

2. I'm not worthy of making all that money because of all the stupid decisions I've made with money in the past?

3. Though I've made a lot of money before, I lost it all because of ignorance, pride, and a host of other things, so it'll happen again, so why go through all that effort if I'm going to lose it all again?

4. Am I doing something wrong in terms of my relationship with God?

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