Healing From Lies

Yesterday my kids and I ran into someone I met over Christmas timeframe, about 1.5 months ago. Couldn't remember his name, but I knew he traded stocks and was a swing trader. Met him through my sister.

Though we are both intelligent beings who have accomplished some decent level of things in life, we had one thing in common -- not executing our trading strategies consistently. In the case of my trading strategies, I have 4 things that must occur before entry, and 4 things that must occur before exit. That's it.

Honestly, that's not a whole lot of stuff to remember to do. In fact, I don't have to remember it, as the strats are up on my screen, just in case I forget, telling me exactly when to enter the market.

If I do that trade after trade, I can be assured that 80% of the time, my trades will be profitable, and that those profits are usually in the medium to large range (relative to the timeframe that I'm using). Sometimes they can be small in super choppy markets.

The costs, and you will have costing trades, are typically in the small to medium range. You must follow the strats, otherwise you could end with large costs that will eat away at your profits.

So, knowing this information, logically one would think -- just do it, don't deviate.

The question is why am I not doing it consistently? I know I'm not alone, because many of you are doing something similar -- if not in trading, in other areas of your life. Like, I know I should exercise some every day, but do you? I know I should sleep at least 6 hrs of sleep a night or more, but do I? I know I ought to eat more veggies (french fries do not count), but do I?

We have all sorts of excuses, but the truth is, we believe some lie or a multitude of lies because we are living what we believe. I would surmise in this life because we are humans that are imperfect, we will always be subject to living some lies in our lives, but it doesn't need to be plagued and hindered from living our destinies.

One of the things I've realized is if we believe those lies, whatever they might be (typically subconsciously), we are challenged to live a certain life, needing great willpower & self-control, discipline to do that which we ought.

If our actions are congruent with our beliefs, there really is no struggle there. For example, I'm thoroughly convinced about good dental hygiene - brushing your teeth multiple times a day and flossing. It's not a willpower thing to do either, nor do I need self-control to do this. I just do it because it is a part of my belief system.

A different example would be my relationship with Dr. Pepper. I used to be (prior to Aug 2002) addicted to this drink. But, the lie was exposed by the Lord through a process called EFT (emotional freedom technique), and was dealt with spiritually & physically. I had to take responsibility that it was due to my choices of receiving those lies that I lived in that addictive Dr. Pepper lie from 1984 to 2002, for 18 yrs. Hate to see the impact of that nasty drink to my innerds.

When that lie was exposed and it's grip broken, since then, 7.5 yrs ago, it is not a struggle to stay away from Dr. Pepper. It no longer has the appeal or draw for me because I no longer believe the lie that it held. It was subconsciously that I held that lie, but the outward expression was my daily consumption of Dr. Pepper.

The revelation and my allowing the Holy Spirit (God) to really reveal the root cause of this addiction was necessary. Sometimes we say we want to and are ready to deal with certain lies in our life, to get rid of them, but the reality is, we aren't. We are comfortable in that lie and to make the changes to something different (healthier) will take work, and often pain.

But, let me tell you, it's been freedom to not be addicted to Dr. Pepper. I'm significantly healthier, I don't have the hundreds of calories of those drinks, nor the short-term cost of buying it nor the long-term healthcare costs. I was healed completely from that addiction in the course of 1 hr, because I was willing to allow God to help me work through that pain and for His complete healing.

Granted, the addiction to Dr. Pepper was small compared to probably my relationship with money & trading, which has many aspects to them. However, when Jesus healed in the Bible, he healed completely. The blind man could SEE, not just partially, or needing bifocals, but he could completely see. The lame man was no longer lame, rather he could walk -- there was no limp, no sciatica, no pronation, he was able to walk!!! What impressed upon me was they didn't need to go to physical therapy or anything. They were made whole in the area Jesus healed them in.

I so want healing in my trading & finances from my Lord. I pray I am ready to be opened to allow Him to really work in my life, to expose every lie. I know without the Lord, my search is in vain. Sure, I may get a little bit here and there, but, as we can see, as I've now had this blog for about 2.5 yrs, I've gone through so many iterations of my own effort.

It takes complete submission, the grace of God, and Him revealing what lies I believe (mainly in my subconscious). It's all about Jesus.

Look in your life to see where there is faulty thinking. Do you make excuses for things? Do you blame others? Do you depend solely on yourself or rely on your performance or hold others to some performance standards to base your worth?

If you're a Christian (this means have received Jesus Christ as your Savior because no other can save you from your sins), are your actions congruent with the Word of God? If you look closely, there are many areas that are probably not congruent. They aren't blatant, most likely, but still not congruent.

When we rely solely on ourselves and am not dependent on the Lord, that is a lie. We can do nothing apart from God -- not even take a breath. It doesn't mean that we are to sit back, eat bonbons and expect God to throw financial abundance our way, but as we go about our daily lives, we recognize it's God that empowers us to do our work, raise our children, and the list goes on.

Let's see as I submit to the Lord what He'll do. I'm excited.
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