Blame & Correction

For those of you who are parents out there, pay attention to your children. If you do that, you will learn a great deal about yourself, God, them, and others.

This morning, my 9-yr old daughter got up and began yelling at her brother who was in the bathroom, blaming him that she almost peed on herself. I watched as she berated him and all he was doing was using the toilet, which, she obviously wanted but did not ask him to hurry up, but just began blaming him for her nearly peeing on herself.

I told her to leave my room and told her her behavior was inappropriate. For one, she never asked her brother to hurry up, but just started blaming him. I didn't see the look on his face, but the look on my face was appalled.

How often do we do that? We have a trade go against us BIG TIME and blame it on the market. "The market is bad." "The market wasn't good."

Honestly, is the market ever "bad" or "good"? The market is the market. It goes up. It goes down. It goes sideways. If there is too much supply, the prices drop. If there is more demand, the price goes up.

People make these definitions about the market as if the market is out to get them. It isn't. The market could give a crap about who any of us are, even if we're billionaires. Supply & demand.

Look at why you blame the market for your inability to manage your trade. If you enter the market, be aware that your trade CAN go against you, so you'd better have a good plan to get out. HOPE rhymes with DOPE, at least in trading. To think that trades will never go against you is delusional. You don't know when this will happen to plan for EVERY trade if it should go against you.

I've learned about this over the years and it's been hellishly painful at times. If it costs me big, it's because I didn't plan or execute properly, or I chose to take a bigger risk. They are based upon my choices, not what the market does.

#2 - CORRECTION: Yesterday after repeatedly telling my kids to do something and trusting they would, but they didn't. My patience was running thing as a number of things were delaying me yesterday, so when I went into the kitchen and saw there was spaghetti on the floor, that was the last straw for me.

I asked a number of times when I went into the kitchen earlier and saw the mess to tell the kids to clean up after themselves and their messes, specifically pointing out the floor, the kitchen table, the stove, etc. I see no reason why they have to be slobs and finding spaghetti all over. Apparently the spaghetti was really good that I made (gluten free, grass based beef, etc) that the kids got numerous servings.

I had done the cooking, cleaned up what I could minus the pan the spaghetti was in. I have this thing about being clean and neat in the kitchen and I think by the time you're 6 and 9 yrs old, if you spill or drop something, you yourself can cleanup after yourself.

Because they had disobeyed, there was a consequence. I then gave them a very short time limit of 15 min. to clean up the kitchen, get their rooms cleaned up and showers taken. They panicked, but somehow they got everything done and still had a few minutes left.

After they were done, I said they still had to face their consequences and whether they think they deserved it or not. They said they did and willingly took their consequences. They cried for maybe 30 sec at most, asked me to forgive their disobedience and said they would obey next time the first time.

In the past, they would cry for a long period of time, making it melodramatic, not really see why they had a consequence. Now, they understood that I did not want for them to face a negative consequence, but it was my job to teach them certain things in life. One of them was obedience to me, and their lack of obedience was disrespecting me, not honoring me.

These days, they are much more readily accept responsibility for their choices and the consequences that ensue. I tend to love to lavish praise & love on my kids over correction, but it's necessary when they go out of alignment.

How does this relate to the market?

Sometimes I am consistently following my trading strategies and have a number of trades go well -- bigger profits, smaller costs. I get prideful, sloppy and begin NOT following & executing my strategies as I'm supposed to. I get corrected by the market with a bigger cost, and sometimes I get corrected with a good profit, however, that is rare.

Rather than blame the market as it was its fault that I had goofed up in trading, I recognize where I erred, take what came to me responsibility, learn, and correct myself, and move on.

I've heard multiple times that if you do not learn the lessons in life you're supposed to in whatever areas, you'll keep repeating them in life.
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