Trading Strategies

Another apology for not writing this week.

Monday I did not trade as my kids did not have school and I wanted to spend the day with him.

Tuesday out of it.

Wednesday all over the place.

Thursday still sick and needed to get more rest.

Friday I practiced traded for 4 hrs of the market and mostly followed my trading strategies and did well. Placed 11 trades: 9 profits, 2 costs. Avg profitable trade took 1.5 pts and avg costing trade was 0.5 pt. Netted 12.5 pts for the day on 1 contract.

I posted most of my trades as real time as I could with entries & exits. It drew some attention to me as I was getting the trades correct.

The mistakes I still made was not completely following the exit strategies and exiting too soon. Though, these profits were better than the first week where I only took 1 tick. Now I was averaging 6 ticks. The thing is, the last 2 trades made, it really should've been 1 trade and it would've given me 7 pts extra than what I took. That's another 28 more ticks.

Of the 9 profitable trades, 5 of them I exited per the trading strategy. The other 4 would've given me enough to more than double what I netted. This is, however, a big improvement from Wk 1 of this year.

The costing trades I entered and exited per the trading strategies. 7/11 trades were per the trading strategies. The goal is to have 100% of my trades per the trading strategies.

My goal is to be ready to trade Monday and every day next week trade with real funds using 1-2 contracts.
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