RIMM has been another favorite of mine to trade, however, I remember around earnings times or other times, this was also a stock that was frustrating to trade. During some of its heyday in the '07 and '08 timeframe, some days had huge wicks and I would get repeated knocked to the ground by being whipsawed. Not fun, but I had some of my biggest trades, if not my biggest trade on RIMM that was successful.

However, admittedly, it was not due to skills, rather it was just a guess on my part and I guessed correctly. I'd like to say it was skills, but it wasn't.

Right now, RIMM looks to be in a pennant pattern just ready for a breakout. I'd be ready to do a bracket trade on this to go either directions. Though it's had a more bearish flavor, the bulls are coming in. Of course, earnings was in December, so unless there is great or devestating news, I don't expect the gaps that it normally does during earnings to happen. It would be nice to see this stock back up in the $87.50, the most recent highs from 2009.

I first learned of this stock from Markay Latimer of Better Trades back when it first came out. It appeared to be quite exciting to trade. Really, until mid-2008, it had some great bullish plays. I loved doing earnings on this company as it usually was huge moves. I also made some really profitable trades here. Some were planned, some were by accident and God was really merciful to me.

It's amazing that with some of my notable trades, I knew exactly where I was and what I was doing when I made those. Some were expensive lessons. One of the lessons I learned with MA was regarding earnings. Always know for the stocks you are trading when earnings are and if you're going to intentionally do an earnings play, then do it, but know when earnings are.

One time I was caught with my pants down where I did not know when earnings was -- sloppy work on my part. My position was very against me -- didn't have a good trading plan or strategy in place then. Earnings came out way in my favor. The stock moved a bunch and not only did I come out in the black, but way in the black by thousands of dollars. Let's just say God was so merciful as I was pretty under on this trade and didn't pay attention to when earnings was.

Anyway, RSI is in overbought territory. MACD is weakening in bullishness, and bullish volumes are decreasing on the weekly chart. The gap back in 4/08 has finally been filled. It would be nice to see the stock rally to $290 and then pullback.

Right now I just pulled up the Daily Chart over the past year. In the short-term, it would be alright to take a bullish trade on this. I'd use the 20 EMA as my cost stop.

SHLD looks pretty bullish to me on this Monthly chart. Bullish volume is increasing. MACD is strongly bullish. Above all the EMAs. The $110-120 range could be a stopping point, but that would still be a very nice move to the upside of $10-20.

My past of trading SHLD hasn't been too good. I've known a number of people to be fairly profitable in trading this stock, but it hasn't been for me. It looks like a relatively easy stock to trade fromt his monthly chart, but it really gave me problems. Maybe I have some psychological issues because I used to own a bunch of K-Mart stock. When they went belly up, I was one of the investors that lost a bunch of money.

Then, SHLD bought K-Mart and did a bunch of restructuring. Those of us who had K-Mart stock got zilcho. What I owed in K-Mart basically became worth pennies on the stock. Maybe I never subconsciously got over it and feel so screwed by them that I could never trade this stock. Though, after a number of times losing money in trading SHLD, though I may put the charts up, no longer will I trade this stock no matter how the patterns go.

WYNN is another stock that a lot of people I know have made money, but not me. I think in real life, I've only made 1-2 trades on this. I can read the patterns, but this is not a stock, even in practice, that I do well on. Perhaps it's what WYNN is. Though I have stayed in a number of their hotels and find them really nice, the fact that WYNN is more into casinos, it is another psychological barrier for me.

I've never bought a lottery ticket or placed a nickel in a slot machine or done any of that. A lot of people like going to Vegas and doing a little gambling, even if for only $20. The sheer joy of it. I see throwing money away NOT joyful and makes no sense to me. I'm thinking for all those people that feel throwing $20 or whatever denomination out fun, hey, come throw it my way. I'll thank you and even give you a hug if you don't creep me out.

Aside from my own philosophical prejudices about gambling, which ironically, many may think trading stocks is gambling, I'm just going to look at WYNN from a purely technical perspective for a few moments. It's just breaking through the resistance it's been in. MACD is bullish and it's breaking through the 38.2% Fib Level. 50% would put it at $85, a $13 move from where it is now and would be nice to see.

Overall, lows have been getting higher. RSI is in an uptrend. It's a nice pattern.

GS is among one of the stocks that I have enjoyed trading in the past. LEH was my favorite of the investments stocks, but, they went bye bye. GS nearly stands only, as BSC is also thrown to the curb. Hope you GS execs aren't doing shady things. That would be a shame.

GS looks to be more on the bullish side to me. MACD on the weekly chart is weakening on the bearish side. RSI broke the downtrend going to the upside, but is on a pullback. If it goes for double tops ("M"), that would put the stock around $191. It's currently at $168, so that's a $23 move up, which is nearly a 14% move. Very nice. If I were to get in going up, it would be in the $170 area.
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