New Trading Platform

For the most part, rarely do I ever use my broker's trading platform. Probably in the past year, I've only used it on a handful of trades. But, as I'm seeing the recent instability of my trades going through on Trade Navigator, I no longer trust my charting tool to be also my trading platform.

My commit is to trade every day in January with my funded account, however, I think I will have to modify that some. I need to get used to my broker's trading platform before I seriously trade with my funded account. Yesterday I made some trades, but mainly they were mostly against me. Meaning, this is NOT how I want to trade my funded account.

I'm going to take the rest of this week and do my best to trade by my trading strategies, use Trade Navigator as my charting tool, but NOT to trade off this. This is a HUGE adjustment for me. So, bear with me.

Friday & Saturday I will just report practice results, not funded as I'm not trading funded. Hopefully the last 2 weeks of January I can trade only funded. Thank you for your patience.
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