More Logistics & Frustration

Today I mainly practiced, but as I had committed for the month of January, I would daily trade with my funded account. Today is no exception. The same problem I ran into, just not as bad, that occurred on Friday occurred today, minus the getting me in a trade at the wrong time.

When you're daytrading the ES, you want to plan your trades and get in then, but not after some glitch and after the fact. Sometimes your moves are really short, in the realm of minutes or less. If your system glitches for 5 min. the trade could be over and done with.

As I had moderate success during realtime practice trading, I closed down most everything minus my trading software to switch to realtime funded. I entered a trade on Trade Navigator to find it just stalling. Immediately I called my broker because I could no longer see how the ES was moving. He said there was an order on the floor, which Trade Navigator said there wasn't. ARRGHHHH. I could see it on the chart. Anyway, my broker was able to cancel my trade, which inadvertantly as I write this, it would've been pretty darned profitable.


I did make one trade, and my gut told me to get out, so I did.
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