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I was reading today something that someone was outraged that billionaires didn't give 1/4 of their money to help the homeless & so children wouldn't go hungry in America. This was in regards to the plea for Americans to help Haiti in their disaster.

I'd like to say that it is very sad all the Haitians that died and were hurt in this disaster. Very traumatic and I'm not minimizing their plight. We ought to help. Rather than people getting on their soapboxes on this and that about the Haitians, just do what you can to help -- whatever that is - sending money, going there, praying, etc.

There are many good things that we can do to help others on a daily basis. One of the best ways to see where a person's heart is is what they do with their money. This includes me, too.

Some people automatically assume that if you're a millionaire or a billionaire that you have oodles of all this money lying around at your disposal whenever. Now, this may be this case for some, and others may have their money tied up in businesses, and all sorts of other things.

Self-made billionaires & millionaires typically got there by being smart with their money and it took time. I'm not talking about the people that have won the lottery, inherited the money, or some freakish thing like their stock investment went from nearly nothing to a gazillion dollars.

The people that have had to sacrifice, take time, manage their money well, be creative, diligent, perservere to get to the millionaire, mega millionaire and billionaire statuses typically do deserve to be where they are at because they do things that a typical person will not do. It's really that simple. I do know some of these people (no billionaires though) and they are very, very generous. In fact, they are percentage wise far generous than many people I know.

The Bible talks about the Widow's mite. She gave all she had to the Lord. To most, a mite isn't hardly anything, but to her, it was everything she had. Percentagewise, she gave 100%. Are most of us THAT generous to give all that we have?

I read somewhere that if you drop Robert Allan in a suberb or reasonable size town with very little money, he could figure out within 72 hrs to make money with a small amount of money to the point of many thousands of dollars. Now, I read this a number of years ago when the housing market was booming, so not sure if he can do that now.

But, that wasn't the point. The point was he wasn't limited in his thinking in how he made money, but he had no fear and went looking for opportunities and knew where to find them, and he did. However, what if you give the ordinary Joe that same amount of money. What would he do? Could he generate a good profit from that perhaps resulting in steady passive income? Probably not.

There is a point here, so bear with me. Robert Allan, I would say, is a good manager of money, not limited in fear thinking, and from the things I've read before, he seems to be quite generous. Even if it's a marketing ploy, there is still a level of generosity there.

Back to billionaires needing to give 1/4 of what they have for the homeless and hungry children. I would want to ask that person if she is currently giving 1/4 of what she has to help the homeless & hungry children. Probably not. She would have to adjust her standard of living.

I used to think that I needed $X to live and I thought that was a meager way to live. Now my 2 kids and I live on $X/7 of what we live (I'm guessing this is about the amount) . It's much simpler as I continue to make a go at my trading business. Yes, I could go back to engineering and make at least 6x what we are living on right now, but the sacrifice would be my children. Yes, I could find some nice afterschool program for them that money would buy, but no one (other than God) will love and care for my kids like me.

When I am able to give, I do - whether it be financially, of my time, in prayer, whatever. It is sacrificial. I do not have fear that I won't have these days because I've seen how God has provided for us inspite of everything. Granted, I would've liked to have shared with all ya'll that I became a quick mega millionaire and am able to live wealthy, blah, blah, blah, but that's not the truth.

The truth is, over all these past months now going into years, I'm learning a great deal about myself, faulty thinking, false beliefs and getting rid of those things so I can really live empowered and the life I want. Sure, I want a life where money is no issue -- but the lessons I'm learning in the process are how to manage and care for money better (that includes in my trading), what is necessary and what isn't.

Even with the kids and I, though we live on financially very little, we do have a great deal - probably more than 90% of the world. But, maybe to Americans, we have a meager financial life right now. It's alright, because I get to be with my kids nearly every day and be there whenever they need me practically. The times I may not get to see my children are when they spend the weekend with their dad, so maybe 2 days a month I don't get to see them.

I'm guessing that those billionaires aren't just sitting on a mountain of money, but they run or own businesses that employ people. Perhaps one of those people is the lady that wrote the comment that spurred this post. When that company employs people, it spurs the economy. Some people are like the Dead Sea with their money. Money burns a hole in their pocket because they squander it.

What if 50% of all Americans gave 10% of their gross income back to their church or charitable organizations or helped others that could barely make ends meet with the bare necessities? What if Americans became good managers of their money? What if Americans became responsible and accountable for their actions?

I'm surmising that if that happened, we wouldn't have very many homeless or hungry children in our country. And then those that were in the 50% that couldn't give, maybe they gave 1-2% instead. I think we'd actually have a surplus, demand the government live on a budget, probably have a surpolus in the government to do all sorts of things for Americans and even help other countries around.

I wonder what kind of car she drives. Would she be willing to trade that in for a good used car that was considerably older and give the difference to help some poor person.

The billionaire is most likely a very creative person and even if he gave 1/4 of his wealth away, he'd be able to figure out how to make it back within a short amount of time. Yes, they could and I commend those who give sacrificially, whether they are wealthy or not.

Giving starts with me.
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