Funded Trades

I haven't made any funded trades since Monday, as I'm getting used to the broker's platform. After using Trade Navigator for nearly 5 yrs, there are some very deep habits have been engrained. Though, I have not been trading off their trading platform until nearly 2 yrs ago.

So, I'm just making sure I understand how to place the trades, the hand movements, looking at the screen, etc. I'm used to when I place a trade, it shows up on my Trade Navigator, but now that I'm not placing my trades through them, they won't be showing up on my chart. That's probably the biggest thing to get used to -- not seeing my trades on my chart.

The view from my broker's platform is alright, but not ideal. However, not being able to connect to my broker's trading server is a huge deal. I'm highly disappointed in Trade Navigator in their not being forthright to solve this issue. Apparently I'm not the only one that has this problem.

In the meantime, I wanted to look at some companies to trade in a different account and hence, the stocks.
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