Though I totally love trading the ES and the simplicity of trading only 1 thing, sometimes just seeing the patterns of other stocks just makes me drool. FLR is no exception. This is not a high priced stock, but has some really great movements.

Right now the stock may be at a resistance unless it can break through this area. This is a Weekly timeframe. RSI shows an uptrend. Bullish volume is iffy. MACD is just starting to turn bullish. If it can break through where it's at now, $50.20, the next stop is $58-59. That would be almost a 20% increase in the stock price. Very good, if you ask me.
XLE looks like quite a few other charts and I don't know if it bears repeating. Price action is moving up, while bullish volume is decreasing. However, MACD is continuing in bullishness. As we can see from the price chart, we are at a potential resistance. If we break through here to the upside, the $78 mark would be the next target. If not, then a drop back down to $40 would see like the next likely bearish target, which would be a 33% drop in the price action.

LAMR is one I periodically look at. When I was an engineer, this was one of the vendor's that we worked with and after initial working throughs, we finally came to a working way of doing things that was a win-win for everyone. They have left a good impression on me.

LAMR is not a high priced stock, but they are a good company, and there is movement in the stock. Wow, I can't believe the stock got as low as $5 early last year. Eeek! Now, it's trading at a more respectable rate of $32.20. That seems to be about the mid-point for this stock. Is this a resistance or will it attempt to go for the $65 mark?

Bullish volume is trending down while price action is going up. We see that as a central theme with many stocks. That seems to match the $SPX. But, there is still strong bullishness in RSI and MACD. We have not reached overbought territories and I'd really love to see this company flourish. They make some really nice tools for semiconductors and offer great servicability.

X has a good pattern that also looks similar to so many stocks I've seen. It's all becoming a blur. I don't have a lot to add other than we look to be near a resistance, decreasing bullish volumes, not in overbought territory on RSI, and MACD starting to turn bullish.

It would be good to see this in the $110-120 range, which would put it double from where it currently is.

There are about 7 other stocks I want to post charts on, but I'm too tired right now and just want to get to bed. Until tomorrow . . .
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