This is a 5 yr Weekly chart on CAT. Both my kids love big earthmovers, as well as mommy. They are incredible machines. Tires that are bigger than 6' in diameter is a sight to see, especially if you stand next to them. I feel so small.

Anyway, CAT is just reaching overbought territories. It just broke out of the RSI uptrend, s well as the consolidation period it was in for a number of weeks. I see the target being about $67 from the $62 it's at now. If it blows past that, then $72.50 is the next target. It would be good to see this stock back up near it's highs of just under $80 again.
This is a 2-Yr Daily chart of DE. A part of the community I grew up in was agricultural, so there were a lot of John Deere equipment all around. It's less impressive than the HUGE caterpillar earthmovers, but they did the job. It looks like we're at the 50% fibs level. Though it's a bit hard to see, DE is steadily climbing upward.

If it can make it above where it's at now, the 61.8% Fibs level is at $65.58. That's a $7 move from here, which is more than 10% of the stock move. It's possible. There are no real signs to me that show it really wants to be bearish, except for very small pullbacks to the 10 EMA.

CMI was one of those stocks I loved trading in 2007-08. That's when it was far more volatile and had great price movements. The past few months, it's been in a really boring consolidation rectangular trend, but recently broke out of that. Now it's pausing again. It just reach overbought territories in RSI. Volume is a non-plussed from bearish and bullish stance.

Seems like traders really are just bored with this stock. We may see it consolidate here and if you're a spreads trader like an Iron Condor kinda person, this might be a good stock to do this on.
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