I've started back at giving some trading classes. One of the things about teaching is that not only do you teach your students, but I think I gain more out of teaching than my students. It's been quite awhile since I've done a class and I didn't realize how much I had deviated from good trading, particularly since moving in mid-August.

What is up for the new year and decade? Great trading!

The past decade, so much has been learned. A lot of it was very challenging and had me on my knees in prayer. Okay, very seldom was I actually in prayer physically on my knees, but spiritually I was on my knees seeking God.

I keep thinking I'm in the morning star pattern of life, where things can only look up.

Despite all that I've gone through, my hope rests in the Lord Jesus Christ and it is through Him and because of Him that I'm empowered to create wealth. Trading definitely isn't a get rich quick scheme. Pretty much reading my blog will tell you that.

I've had some phenomenal trading periods and many not so. The not so was realy not following my trading plan and strategies to the "T". Following it leads to good trading which leads to nice profits and small costs.

My goal is to trade every week day the futures market is opened through January following my trading strategies to the "T". My plans are to document my daily results, so you should see me posting regularly through January again.

Thanks for your continued patience.
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