Still Relaxed

I did have 3 trades go against me, but since I had legged in to each of these 3 trades, where I got out, allowed me to still have a net profit. I did make ONE tick, and with commissions, that leaves me with 53 cents. Yay profit!!!

Made 5 more trades and that gained me 3.25 pts, 3 pts, 3.5 pts, 2.75 pts, 1.25 pts. That gives me in this second half of pretend trading 14 pts. That with the 16.75 pts prior gives me 30.75 pts for today's trading. I should include 1.25 pts that I actually made in real money, so that gives me 32 pts today.

Started trading today @ 1 pm EST. Stopped @ 4 pm EST.

Trading range in my timeframe is 1057.25 to 1065.25. That's only an 8-point range and I was able to get 32 pts (that would be with 1 contract at a time). That gives me an average of 2.25 pts (9 ticks).

What have I learned today -- being relaxed really pays. My gosh, the market wasn't even really moving all that much, yet I was able to take that many points, which I haven't done in quite some time. When you're relaxed, you see and do things differently.

Yes, I know that. You know that. Now, to really do that, eh?
2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Doris,

    Glad to see you're doing fine. You do write interesting things I keep learning from.

    Staying relaxed? Try Valium. :-)

    Greetz, Roberto

  2. Doris V Says:

    Funny, Roberto. Valium. Only meds I take are my heart meds and wouldn't if I didn't need to.

    Hope you're doing well. Happy 2010!

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