Today I decided to show my beau a little about how I trade. It's always interesting to see other people respond and how they take things in or not. Not sure if he was all that interested, except that it was making money. He is an avid learner, so I would think the possibility of making money while having freedom with your time is appealing.

However, as you know regarding my case, trading is not a piece of cake. The technicals of it can be fairly easy, but the psychological part a challenge.

Today I only practice traded and yes, one is typically always more relaxed doing that than funded trading. I found explaining my trades and positioning was easy. Having my beau snuggle with me as I explained on my laptop (not with my huge monitor) sure put me in a way more relaxed state. Even when 2 of my trades started to seem to go against me quickly, I had my conditions set to get out if it did and the rationale behind it.

The orders were in to take profits, but also in if the positions went to a point of no return - that would be an OCO (order cancels order). It was good for him to see the position go against me for a little bit and then go in my favor. I had the opportunity to tell him what the market was doing.

In the case, I was in LONG and shortly afterwards, it went SHORT. The overall trend of my indicators showed bullishness and so I drew a trendline and as long as it didn't close below this trendline, I kept in the trade. It came to touch the trendline and then resume back up to eventually take me out of my trade. As it came back down to touch the trendline, that would've been a perfect opportunity to get back in again, but I was already in for 2 positions and did not want to increase my risk, just in case I was wrong.

Trading seemed relatively easy with him snuggling with me and lavishing love on me. Gosh, is this what it's going to take for me to be profitable? I'm going to have him come over every morning and help relax me so I can trade well, make the money I can, and then we can work as a team to accomplish his and my financial goals.

Maybe I can form a new style of trading? Snuggle trading? LOL.
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