Today I only made 2 trades and they were profitable. That's great, however, I accidentally got into those 2 trades. Wasn't totally aware that I was in my funded account, but called my broker. To my dismay, I was in. My trading platform was glitching, so it took quite a few minutes to close everything down and reboot.

My psychological state is pretty icky today. The ability to get really intense & uptight, it's just not there as my whole body is aching. I'm just putting entries & exits on my screen as things are happening real time.

The amazing thing is, my entries are right on par for the right direction EACH time. I've been letting profits go longer than I had been in real life. Those 7 trades with 1 contract each was 16.75 pts. I currently have 2 more positions on and am on course with those.

This really goes to show for me as when one is relaxed, and I am overall relaxed because I'm too sick to not be relaxed. Though, my body is distressed from being sick, I've had a lot of sleep over the past 4 days.

Anyway, do what you can to relax. Don't get all stressed out about trading or making money.
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