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I'm not going to talk every day about my trading, but when I have time and feel like it, and things that might be beneficial to my readers.

Last night, I awoke about 2 am groggy from a weird nightmare I had. As I was lying there praying to God about that nightmare, I just could not fall back asleep and felt anxiety. So I got up to spend time in the Bible and do some more reading in Joyce Meyer's book on "Managing Your Emotions". Finally, after nearly an hour of reading, I was feeling tired again and more at peace.

I slept for a couple more hours, but when I awoke, rather than feeling refreshed, my mind felt in a fog. As I spent more time in prayer and reading a bunch of chapters in Psalms, the brain fog remained. It could be from my sleep, monthly hormonal stuff, our move, or who knows what. It's been a bit of challenge emotionally to pack and move on, leaving my home to something better.

Funny how sometimes we want to just hang onto things even if they serve us no real benefit in the long run because it's comfortable. How many of you can relate to that?

I didn't trade until the last hour of trading from 3:15 pm EST to 3:43 pm EST. Made only 2 trades: 1 for 1.5 pts and the other for 1 tick. My net profit today was $79.52. Not a whole lot of money, but that basically pays for one monthly bill, so I'm very grateful for that money.

My first trade wasn't exactly perfect. My intention really was a different entry point than I originally had, which was 1 point earlier. What happened was that I had the entry on the 3 min. chart, but took it off the table. Then, I switched to the 15-min. chart and it looked more bullish than the 3 min. and placed my entry on the chart. Before I could switch to the 3 min. chart, I was filled and saw that I got in just below the 50 EMA, which was not my original intent.

Thankfully, less than a minute later, it was breaking out. Since I don't believe in luck, I cannot attribute it to this, rather just God blessing me. I'd like to say it was skill, but it was basically a mishap. We gotta call a spade a spade, right?

Today I had more fear in trading as last Thursday, I took a big hit to my account of nearly $1K, so today I felt really cautious. My commitment is to trade every day, so daily I must make a minimum of 1 trade.

The other trade was another mishap get in. The market was moving at that moment, and rather than wait for a pullback, I jumped in. It gave me 3 ticks, but I was looking for it to tag the 200 EMA, which was another 3 ticks away (1.5 pts).

When I finally realize that it probably wasn't going to make the 200 EMA, I resigned myself to taking 3 ticks, then 2 ticks, then just 1 tick. Shortly after that, it did hit 1 tick above, but just waffled and pulled down some, though, at the last minute of trading, it did attempt to go to the 200 EMA, not reaching it. So, needless to say, I'm grateful for even making $12.50 (1 tick) on a fumbled trade.

Today's trading was really not what I consider good trading and I'm REALLY thankful for the $79.52 I made, as being groggy and a bit emotional, it could've very well cost me a lot more. At one point, in the 2nd trade, it was against me $112.50, which was more than the $75 I already made. I was 2 ticks from being stopped out.

So far, this week, 4 days of trading, I've netted $519.67. My goal continues to be net $300/day, though, reality is closer to $130 net/day. Even at this, if I can continue to really do this $130 net/day, it will still end up to be more than 13x what I made last month. I'm so far about $100 up from 4 days into August than I was July.

I don't expect to be millionaire anytime real soon, but with each penny gained daily into my trading account, that puts me closer to be a millionaire every day. A penny is the small unit one can have, so a penny is nothing to be scoffed at.

Today was a hurdle to get over. Thank you God for the profits. Not sure if I will trade later today as there is more packing and hopefully I'll have some help from my dad and brother tonight. Kids will be with their dad for the afternoon and part of the evening.

Tomorrow is my last trading day in this home and Monday, I'll be at my new place, which is temporary, for like no more than 6 months or so. Anything great can happen during that timeframe and thankful I have options to help me as I clean up all this financial stuff.

The most challenging thing about all this is really take ownership & responsibility for all of this and realize that I had a much bigger role in all of this than I wanted to admit. But, once those lies are exposed and one is willing to deal with truth, then you can begin moving forward.

Every day, I'm moving forward and adding to my wealth river that flows so wonderfully, because it's a living river that is abundant, life giving and thriving.
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