Today's Trading (Mon, 10-Aug-2009)

Today I had 9 trades today. Three of the trades were done before I took the kids to school and it was actually quite fun. I got out the same place for all 3 trades and was quite calm trading.
Afterwards, I went to take the kids to school, which we now have a lot further to drive as we moved over the weekend and still have a lot of unpacking to do. Went to yoga, my old house to do a few things, and back home.
I made one trade in the 10:30-11 am timeframe which gave back some profits, so decided to take a nap, as I wasn't feeling too good. Felt very dizzy at yoga, so figured if I laid down for 45-60 min., I would feel better.
Got up and began trading shortly after that, making the other 5 trades.
Four of the entries were really good. One, I was a little off and took a smaller profit.
The last 2 trades had good entries, where I legged in, but I got a little unsure as to whether it would continue higher. My gut told me it would, but I pulled out of both trades too early and too 3 and 1 ticks, respectively. Where I thought it would end for the day is where it went. That was why I legged into the trade, but wussed out.
Today in 9 trades I had 8 profits = $300 and 1 cost = $87.50 and commissions of $35.91. This netted me $176. 59. This is great to have profits, but a part of me was disappointed in that the last 2 trades gave me a total of $50, when had I traded my plan, it would've been $300.
We can't live on coulda, woulda, shoulda. I'm happy to have made and kept most of my profits today. The cost was a little too big, but I did about trade my plan there. Got a little nervous so that cost was about $25 more than it should've been.
In August, so far:
Profits = $1100
Costs = <$225>
Comms = <$111.72>
Net = $763.28
Steady gains. I am a bit surprised that most of my trading today was relatively calm compared to how I have been trading lately. Maybe tomorrow I can better trade my plan and have less fear/panic.
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