Sit Through

It's never a good idea to not have stops for your positions, for just in case something goes awry and you have your orders set. Things going awry is like have my internet connection go down.

Today I had stops on all my position, cost stops, that is, as well as profit stops. Funny (not really), how if it's a cost stop, it doesn't have to move 1 tick past. If it's a profit stop, it has to move 1 tick past. I know that market makers don't care who I am at all, as it's just my 1-3 contracts each time, and it means piddly.

However, with the 2 that were costing trades for me, which totalled $262.50, had I been 1 more tick out of the way, I wouldn't have been stopped out. Both times, the target profit I set out were reached, but I did have to sit through quite a bit.

The dilemma is to sit there a lot of indecisiveness, which could last for 1-2 hrs or more, just to gain $12.50 or $50 or $62.50 just doesn't seem worth it. I could double up, but since I'm having such a net costs for now 5 days, it's best to NOT double up, such that if it went against me, it would do it doubly fast.

I'm most likely going to reset my goal to $100/day and ONLY trade with 1 contract. I need to work on getting adequate sleep as well as proper nutrition. Those are the 2 things that are really waning here.
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