Negative Week

Well, this week I end negatively. I don't know yet how negative, but today I'm at -$50 plus 7 trades' commissions. Well, better than more than that.

Well, now I've at least analyzed the raw figures.

My stats for this week:

Total Profitable Trades = $700.00
Total Costing Trades = <$1412.50>
Total Commissions = <$151.62>
Net = <$864.12>

Well, what the heck was wrong this week.

1. My sleep has been not good. Not enough and not getting into the good sleep.
2. Adjusting to a new living situation for the next 6 months is much more challenging than I thought. Actually, I didn't want to think about it, and not real happy about this arrangement, though, I should feel grateful.
3. New trading environment.
4. Lot more physical driving in my car.
5. Body feels out of sync and out of sorts.
6. Not enough nutritious foods.
7. Hardly eating, loss of appetite.

On weeks where I am net profitable, my % of profitable trades vs. costing trades is always 75% or greater. On the 2 weeks where I have netted a net negative, in WW30'09 = 60% profitable and WW32'09 = 67% profitable.

For the month of August, my % profitable trades = 75% out of a total of 56 trades.

So, looking at my % of profitable trades also helps me gauge whether I will be successful hence forth or not.

Sad to say this, but between July & Aug now, my net is <$68.98>. On average now, with 151 trades, that means each trade I've now averaged a <$0.46>. Definitely not the direction I want to be headed in.

This is the cold hard fact. Maybe it was unreasonable to think I could trade real well right after a traumatic move. Looks like I have a lot of work to do this weekend in terms of mind stuff, getting my place somewhat organized, get to getting some foods my body will tolerate and not eating certain things, even if they are presented to me.

If I look back at my trading today, because of some of the things that happened yesterday, today I was unwilling to let trades go too against me, but had I had some bigger stops, each of the 2 costing trades I had today.

SLEEP & GOOD NUTRITION are very important. My trading this week is a result of not doing these things well.

I'm resetting my goal to be $100-200 for the next 2 weeks, as this is a transition time for me.

Today, I actually had a trade just about set on the ES at 1006 and I took it off the table. A few seconds later, the market just tanked like 10 points that would've been in my favor. Needless to say, I just watched and did nothing, but all the trades I made were in periods of uncertainty or consolidation periods.

I've definitely missed out on some big moves. I've also had a lot of anger towards a couple of people this week. That negative energy has immensely impacted so much.
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