I'm moving this week from my home that I've lived for 14+ years. It's a big transition for the kids & I as I get a better hold of my finances. Just had to make some really, really challenging decisions I know in the end will be the best for all of us. We just have to suck it up for a bit.

My kids are sad to leave their safe haven and go to a place unfamiliar to them, with probably less freedom. Anyway, it's an emotional time for all of us, but I have a commitment to my trading to trade every day this week.

Learning to trade under ideal and not so ideal conditions is really a true test. I continue to field all sorts of other financial stuff. Today, I spent awhile with the IRS dealing with more tax matters. Hopefully things are squared away, as I thought they were in the April timeframe. Guess they weren't totally.

Tomorrow I go at it and continue to pack, as I plan to be completely moved out by the end of Saturday to my new interim place. Maybe this will give me a freshness that I haven't had in this home where there are a lot of memories from 2 marriages. Though I love my house, maybe the stored memories needs to just be let go and one needs to go elsewhere.

Hope this will give my trading a new boost or energy to really move forward with no fear, or at least a lessening of fears to eventually I don't really notice its impact at all in my trading. Think that will happen? Dunno.
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