Monthly Profits & Net

More transparency. Since I always mixed results of practice & funded, I wasn't aware of what things were actually until the past month as I looked at things.

So, I will share my funded results thus far (total profits, then NET):

Sep'08 - $1337.50 - net <$109.85>
Oct'08 - $0 - net <$2407.98>
Nov'08 - $0 - net $0
Dec'08 - $37.50 - net <$82.98>
Jan'09 - $212.50 - net <$460.91>
Feb'09 - $325 - net <$418.36>
Mar'09 - $462.50 - net <$959.85> - revamping/simplifying trading strategies
Apr'09 - $687.50 - net <$691.77>
May'09 - $1537.50 - net <$545.26>
Jun'09 - $0 - net $0
Jul'09 - $3187.50 - net $208.45

From December to now, minus Jun'09, each month, I've made more money in terms of profits. That is good. Since I revamped my trading strategies, I've been keeping more of my profits. I know overall that one cannot live in the negative nor live off a couple hundred a month.

The good thing is the trend is in the right direction. I am pressing through and pushing forward in my progress. It's very humbling to display these results, because earlier this year, one day in practice, I made $11M or something like that.

As Tim Sykes displays his own trading, I figure I will do that for my own trading in trading the ES.

BTW, I started futures trading in April 2008, but it wasn't until Sep'08 that I made my first funded trading. In real funded options trading, I would make, at times in a trade a few thousand with 1-5 contracts. Usually just 1-2 contracts like on BIDU.

So, why would I switch to futures trading if I did that well in real life in options?

1. Trading hours are way extended for futures.
2. No time value.
3. Better leverage.
4. Better ROI.

It really boils down to this and this is my learning curve, which is taking longer than I thought, but in this process, I went through a nasty divorce, going through custody issues, lots of financial challenges. Those are some things to keep in mind.

Anyway, needless to say, it's been a challenge to live in the negative. But, now that I know that, we can do something about it. This is a journey, a process.

I look forward to sharing with my readers of continually improving in my trading. This is not a get rich quick scheme, and ideally, if you can make $3187.50 profits in a month, one would think that by simply doubling, you can make double that. Well, you can, as long as you can mentally/emotionally do it. I'm not there yet, but working on it.
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