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The reason why I posted the last 2 articles was beyond they both spoke volumes to me this morning as I read them, especially Brad's.

I had been focusing on a lot of negative things and guess what? I was getting more of those things rather than focusing on what I needed to. I allowed other people's "lack" and "poverty mindedness" impact me. Every day in the past week plus and for the next 6 months, I may be reminded of "lack", but that does not mean that I have to dwell on it.

Brad Yates is an EFT practitioner. EFT = emotional freedom technique, which is a form of energy psychology, one of the methods I regularly employ in my life.

Growing up with parents who grew up in abject poverty, those are deeply engrained in them that some of those mindsets got passed down to the next generation, plus my parents have a lot of fear based thinking. Granted, there are some things they have gotten a little better at, but now, with more contact with my parents, I definitely see the disparity in thinking, especially my dad's.

How do I go about thinking and doing differently without adopting or continuing in my generation of "poverty-mindedness"? It's really to absorb myself in God's Word, understanding God, who I am as a child of God, and allowing Him to root out the things I have been trained to think about myself through my parents, society and my environments -- at least those things that are not of benefit for allowing me to live the empowered, abundant life in Christ fully.

One of the resources is Brad Yates. I also use Carol Look's stuff. These are the 2 main people whom I derive great benefits from whom are EFT practitioners. Another resource is my own EMDR therapist whom I see on a regular basis.

Often we don't realize we have "issues" in certain areas until situations present themselves such that it triggers/draws out those things. Like, how would you know you were truly a patient person or that you lacked patience unless you were put in situations involving you to exercise patience on a repeated basis? In fact, in situations where intense patience was required, meaning that you also had to exercise a good modecum of self-control. Having children and being deeply involved in their lives will force a person to become more patient or less.

Truly when I get to the point where I am consistently successful in being profitable in my trading and am able to really move forward by leaps & bounds in creating financial wealth, I will KNOW through experience what it took, and it definitely provided many challenges. Through this whole process, there is a lot of self-discovery of who I am, what I'm made of, but I've also found a lot of emotional/mental/intellectual/spiritual crap that has surfaced that I've had to deal with.

Honestly, it was quite humbling after 1.5 months of writing I'm actually behind and showing you my results. I truly do believe I can still make it and make a living in trading, in fact, a fantastic living at this. We are paying some really great prices to do this, but it's temporary.

I'm really having to address some really great fears in my life that have somehow come true, but I'm now realizing after this past week, they have a greater hold on me than I thought. If trading is going to work, I have to confront these fears with God's Truth. Thus, off I go to do that.
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