Expectations of Success

This was taken from Carol Look's most recent EFT newsletter (I'm just cutting & pasting). EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique, an energy psychology method I began using May'01, so, now over 8 yrs. I've been freed from a lot of addictions, obsessions, bad habits, mindsets, changed many behaviors from unhealthy to either healthy or healthier.

Now, some of this EFT stuff may sound a bit New Agey. It can be. Heck, even breathing someone can make New Agey, but are you going to stop using the benefits of breathing? I think not. Take what resonates with you and discard the rest.

I've been using Carol Look's stuff for many years, both her free as well as paid stuff. Carol Look, Brad Yates, Steve Wells, David Lake, Carol Tuttle are the practitioners I most identify with. I've also purchased some of Joan Sotkin & Carol Solomon's stuff and it's alright, too. They deal more on money issues.

The reason why I am putting this here in my blog is it's one of the things that could possibly be holding me back from experiencing the success I'm wanting and have been working so hard, diligently towards now years. This really is a process, a journey of self-discovery -- uncovering all the skeletons, demons in our lives that have been lurking, keeping us in bondage. They don't want to be identified, because as long as they are in secret, no truth can be brought into these lies that we live in/believe.

If we continue to live & believe these lies that keep us in bondage, then we stay stuck, never freed from our crap and spinning our wheels, going nowhere. That's where I've actually been spending time over these past 2 years really focusing on this stuff.

As various crap in my life is being cleared out, I'm seeing myself address some really tough stuff, taking actions and keep pressing through. One of the things is to share my real, funded trading results with you. Now, it would be more impressive to share some of my options stuff that I have, but doing options didn't give me the flexibility I'm looking for that I do get with futures. So, I continue to go at this.


To have expectations or not, that seems to be an important question for may of us! What I've learned and found from using the Law of Attraction and EFT/meridian tapping in my own life is, YES, you need to have expectations, even great expectations of your success in order to improve your energy, raise your vibration and attract what you want into your life. Expectations create energy... the Universe hears your energy.

Many people are afraid to expect success because they fear they will either jinx themselves or be disappointed when they don't get what they want. Do you think this way?

When we are thinking this way (I shouldn't get my hopes up because it probably won't work any way...) we are actually reducing the clarity and intensity of our abundance energy by adding doubt and fear to the recipe, and then our expectations are weak and communicate ambivalence. When our expectations are lukewarm, or carry the energy of it probably won't happen, this energy "tells" the universe that we don't really want more success in our lives...

The best and most effective tool to erase the doubts and fears about having expectations is any version of meridian tapping, my favorite being EFT. But first, we need to identify what our specific fears or doubts about expecting success are. Read the statements below and see if any of them accurately represent your emotional concerns:

1) I'm afraid that having expectations will jinx me.

2) I've always been told, "Don't get your hopes up... you'll only be disappointed."

3) It's not safe to want anything.

4) Life never works out the way you expect.

5) It's better to be prepared for the worst...

Most people have heard one or more versions of these above attitudes, but don't recognize how toxic they are to the energy of success. If the above statements feel "true" for you, insert the wording for your tapping, or tap along with the phrases I provide below.

Remember, the universe responds to your vibration, so make sure ALL OF YOU is "expecting success."

The EFT setup phrases below will help you stop blocking your abundance, raise your vibration and open the door to allow what you want to roll into your life.

The EFT SETUP Phrases for this topic are as follows:

While tapping the karate chop spot on either hand, repeat these phrases out loud, (or change the words to fit your exact situation).

"Even though I'm afraid to expect good things to happen, I choose to appreciate who I am and how I feel."

"Even though I feel reluctant to get my hopes up, I accept who I am and how I feel."

"Even though I think it's safer to prepare for the worst than to expect the best, I deeply and completely accept who I am anyway."

I have indicated where to tap while saying each of the phrases below. You may repeat the positive round more than once if you wish. (Those of you who are new to EFT may view a chart of the spots on my web site under the EFT pages.)

***Now for the phrases that focus on the problem***

Eyebrow: "I'm afraid to get my hopes up."
Side of Eye: "I'm afraid I will only be disappointed."
Under Eye: "It's not safe to get my hopes up."
Nose: "I was taught not to have expectations."
Chin: "I don't want to jinx myself or the outcome."
Collarbone: "I shouldn't expect anything."
Under Arm: "I'm so afraid to get my hopes up."
Head: "I'd rather not be disappointed."

***Now for the positive focus on the solution***

Eyebrow: "What if getting my hopes up is good for my energy?"
Side of Eye: "I'm willing to try an experiment and get my hopes up."
Under Eye: "I want to expect the success I deserve."
Nose: "I choose to expect success and feel good about it."
Chin: "I am so looking forward to getting what I want in my life."
Collarbone: "I am willing to really expect and believe..."
Under Arm: "I believe and expect it is happening already."
Head: "I appreciate the new energy of positive expectations."

Keep tapping, and enjoy using the Law of Attraction to bring more of what you want into your life!

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