Article: What Are You Looking For? (Brad Yates)

The following article was taken from Brad Yates' (an EFT practitioner) "Success Beyond Belief" newsletter dated 8/15/09.

What Are You Looking For?

By now you’ve probably heard this rumor that we create our reality – that what we put our attention on is what shows up in our lives…

Well, it’s more than a rumor… it’s the truth. In fact, chances are you’ve had some experience or another that proves it.

Now, that is really good news… if you use it well and focus on what you really want.

It may no seem so good if you have a habit of focusing on what you really wish won’t happen.

Imagine you are going to go to a conference, where lots of people are going to attend. Like-minded people. People who could make a difference in your life.

Now, imaging that someone came to you and said:

“Just to let you know, there’s this guy who I heard is going to be there, and he is bad news – a real jerk! Whatever you do, avoid him like the plague! You do not want to spend any time around this guy, so make sure you don’t talk to him.”

And just to be sure you didn’t accidentally meet this guy they give you a photo of him, telling you to memorize his face so you know not to talk to him.

So… what do you think your experience of the conference is might be…?

Now that you’ve got this image of who to avoid, you might very well scan the crowd looking for him – putting a lot of energy into finding the person you least want to find! He may be the first person you are going to try to find, so you can get that out of the way.

And since you are so focused on this one jerk, you might also find it difficult to be open and present to all the wonderful people with whom you could potentially come in contact.

It may even be possible that, since you are looking for a jerk, you find a lot of them. People who might be nice to everyone else might come across as something less than wonderful when you meet them, since unpleasant behavior is what you are on the lookout for.

Bummer, huh…?

So, how about choosing instead to focus only on what you do want?

In fact, if you have the intention of being drawn to wonderful people, chances are you will never run into this jerk. And if you do, he’ll turn out to be far nicer than his reputation had suggested – because you’ll be seeing what other might not see – because that’s what you are looking for.

Cool, huh…?

But don’t take my word for it – put it into action. I’m confident you’ll be very glad.
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