Almost A Week

It's been almost a week since I traded. I'm taking Monday off, also, at least. I thought I would be sharing with you some of the psychological things I've been going through, but that hasn't happened.

The market has made some tremendous moves. Tues-Thurs, I traded real-time practice. Tues/Wed my trading was not real good and I'm thinking, "How on earth will I get back to funded if I'm not even doing well in my practice?" Definitely this move has greatly negatively impacted my mindset, my physical well-being and it's not good.

Thursday went better and I was able to be more focused and end up positively, though I started out way negative.

Most likely I will not be able to start trading again with real funds by Tuesday.

Yes, the market is moving like crazy and it's very fun. A near 30 pt move on Friday!! Wow. Missed all of it.

I still have a higher percentage of my trades be profitable, but it's the costing trades I need to minimize. There is more psych work that needs to be done, my attitude about where we are living, and the thoughts going into all this.

What I will need to do this week is do some big time spiritual warfare in this physical home I'm in as I feel spirits of oppression, addiction, bondage, fear, and poverty upon this place. It's pretty tough stuff. Yes, does sound crazy. There is turmoil in this place and some pretty strange stuff.

Boy, will I have some really good stories to tell when I "make it". This process definitely challenges me big time, but I'm learning and growing. God is good all the time, and I praise Him for He is absolutely good no matter what is happening in my life.
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