This is the past 18 yrs on a monthly period.

RSI is sort of coming out of a bearishness. Very strong bullish volume, but it hasn't really brought the stock up much relative to its highs. MACD is weakening.

It seems that bearishness is picking up. I'd be leery to go bullish. We are in oversold territory with RSI and it could be here for a bit.
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2 Responses
  1. Unknown Says:

    X is on a downward channel bounced off of lower channel. RSI crossed upward above 30.

  2. Doris V Says:

    Note that my RSI period is 7. A lot of people use 14, but I like a faster RSI. It works best for how I trade.

    It is in a downtrend, but usually when you have so many days in the same direction, you can expect a retracement. Better to get in at the retracement when you get a confirmation of it headed back down.

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