This is 20 yrs on a monthly period.

I do not have fibs on here, but where it's at is at 61.8% retracement from the high & low of POT. I have loved trading POT in the 2006-2008 timeframe. It was so much fun.

The bullish volume is not stronger than the bearish volume, though, that's been decreasing.

MACD is losing bearish strength.

RSI is still downtrend overall, however, it could be turning around.

Above $120, I would go bullish. Below $87, I would go bearish. These would be more longer term and not short swing trades.

Showing a compression rectangular pattern from $87.50 to $97.50. You could trade this area, but getting whipsawed is not my idea of fun. When it breaks out of this (closing prices), I'd get in whichever way it decides to go.
To the downside, $77.50 and $65 are the targets. To the upside, it would be $120. Good either way. This is a beautiful stock.
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