This is looking at the last 10 yrs on a Monthly period. This is one stock where it was down in the dumps who DID come back. Good for you NVDA.

But, the one thing here is that it did not say in the low range for too long. That's good.

I see a pennant type wedge forming. It can probably compress some more.

However, volume is still quite strong, so I don't know that it's really compressing too much.

Low targets is aroung $5.80 and high target to be in the $15 range. We're about right in the center.

You can see the pennant a bit more clearly here. You can make some good money trading in between here. Make sure to keep your stops just outside of the pennant. It would be better to wait to get in at the outside of the pennant as to opposed to right in the middle. You would have greater move potential.
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