Okay, I don't have this as a chart here as I've not had to use a quarterly chart yet on the others. Anyway, a bit lazy here. Though I'm showing 34 yrs on a monthly period, this looks REALLY messy and hard for me to get a real clear big picture.

So, on my screen (which you can't see) is in quarterly period. Where we are right now is at the 200 EMA. It's had 2 strong quarters down, so now it's pausing.

The overall trend is still DOWN. Volume, MACD, RSI are all confirming down. Are we over? Not sure.

From this daily chart of the past 6 months, this is also a yawner. From $6.50 to $7.50 is the range this is trading from. You might be able to do an IRON CONDOR spread on this. Maybe even write some COVERED CALLS.

I like Southwest Airlines as an airline and have good friends who work for them.

However, this is not an exciting stock to trade as it goes sideways.
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