This is the past 4 yrs worth of data in weekly period. Wow, look at how beautiful this chart is. See the really lovely M? M does not stand for murder unless you were long on DRYS as it tanked. My 8-yr old daughter just confirmed that DRYS looks like a "M". She said she would not be buying this stock.

To have a stock go from the 120-125 range down to $5-6 range? NOT good.

Remember, there are thousands of stocks to trade. Find the best ones that can give you the best profits. For DRYS to pull back to even $30, it would take some huge miracles.

Lots and lots of selling, though, selling is started to dry out more. No pun intended.

Can you say BORING?
If you must trade this, I would question you why??????
Okay, maybe if it breaks above the 10/20/50 EMA, you can get in around the $7 range and ride it up to the $11. That would be about 50% profit. The thing is, it's moving SOOOOO slow. If you have a really low risk tolerance, DRYS might be okay.
If it can't hold where it's at now, you can get in to the downside at $5 and ride it down to $2.50.
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2 Responses
  1. Unknown Says:

    I played this in March when it was in the 2.80-4 range and rode it up to 8. With all the stock dilution, I don't think it will recover to where it was.

  2. Doris V Says:

    I don't think it will recover either, but one of the stocks you gave me did get really low and did recover somewhat. Can't remember which one it is.

    I'd rather ride the wave and get confirmation of the recovery before getting into this.

    Good on making a good profit, but I like quicker profits and don't like waiting that long. Maybe you and others are more patient. :)

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