This is looking back at the past 4 yrs on a weekly period when this stock started. The fibs that I use didn't work out real well here, so I won't be using those, though, we are in the 23.6% and 38.2% range. Many stocks are very precise on this, so CF looks a little sloppy here.

RSI: The peaks are descending and price action closing prices are rising at those same points. This signifies bearish divergence.

Volume: Bearishness isn't real strong, but bullishness is losing strength. This means some level of consolidation.

MACD: Losing bullish strength.

Even if we're losing bullish strength overall, it does not mean yet that we are ready to head back down. If it breaks below the 200 EMA, that would be greater confirmation of bearishness, otherwise, it's going to compress for a bit. This range would be 69 to 85. Still plenty of money can be made within this range if you get in for the right positions. Meaning, long at 69 and short at 85 (calls or puts, respectively).

We can see the daily volumes are getting lower and lower. Compression period.
The micro view (daily) is similar to the macro view (weekly). RSI shows bearish divergence.
MACD is showing a very SLIGHT loss in current strength over the prior period.
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