First Half 2009 Results

I just finished analyzing and normalizing my results for this year and it's really out there. I combined all accounts I have - practice and funded. Originally I was going to share all the nitty gritty of my results, but feel it's best that I don't because it's a bit out there.

So, I will share some other results with regards to trading in the past 6 months.

I had been tracking things, but it hasn't been easy to track all the various accounts, but when I summarized all the accounts, there were areas I thought I was doing better than I was, and other areas worse than I was. Somehow it works out.

What I will share are 3 things for each month:

1. % Longs
2. % Profitable Trades
3. $/Contract

Jan'09: 30% Longs, 60% Profitable Trades, $7.43/Contract
Feb'09: 42% Longs, 60% Profitable Trades, <$250.04>/Contract
Mar'09: 15% Longs, 63% Profitable Trades, $103.58/Contract
Apr'09: 30% Longs, 54% Profitable Trades, $72.87/Contract
May'09: 48% Longs, 75% Profitable Trades, $23.90/Contract
Jun'09: 50% Longs, 65% Profitable Trades, $44.36/Contract
2009: 34% Longs, 61% Profitable Trades, $98.85/Contract

I thought I was profitable 80% of the time or more. On many days I have been, but there have been some very costing days, so this somehow brings me way back down. As I look at the data, some things I'm learning.

There have been 125 trading days so far this year. I've traded on 105 of those days, which is 84% of the available days. Some where shortened days, but one trade could've been made. Also, I did not count Sundays, but technically I could trade on Sundays and make money.

Note 1: Some of the costing trades were done as a part of legging in and legging out. I would do an average and that's why I think that I got a higher % profitable than what the actual raw data gave me. Hope this makes sense. Typically I will get out profitably for the whole trade, but if we broke up the trade, some of the contracts may have been costing and some profitable. So, this, in essence, makes my profitable trades seem % fewer. It's okay. The bottom line is what counts.

Note 2: The average # trades/month = 284 (or average 16 trades/day traded)

1. If there are 2 costing trades in a row, I need to completely stop trading. This typically leads to a lot more costing trades.
2. Start small (1-2 contracts).
3. Trade every day, even if it's just one trade.
4. Get better with cost stops (meaning, use moving averages or S/R or pivots for these).
5. Leg out of trades to capture profits better.


Notes: I editted some of my figures on the $/Contract today (7-Jul-2009). I messed up on my calculations and took some double costs, making my figures appear worse than they were. It wasn't a huge difference, but a little.
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