Where the heck have I been? I've been trading (albiet, not every day as I'm supposed to) most days, but have missed some. Should probably write another real blog entry on trading, maybe displaying some of my results? This is the end of the month and I will share what my results are for this month and May, hopefully, after my analysis.

Yes, I slacked off a bit in May and didn't do this as I should have. Uh oh. Not disciplined.

I could give you loads of excuses, but they are just that. Successful people don't make excuses, so won't list them here.

Continued work on the psychological aspects of my life, getting rid of fears & baggage.

Today I celebrate the 1 yr anniversary of my divorce. It's not good that there was a divorce, but it was a severance of a union that my former spouse was not willing to make right or reconcile, even if I was. It takes 2 to Tango. This was basically my "cost" stop. Ironically, I filed for divorce on my former spouse's birthday. Yes, that was planned, but not that he really cares.

Dating begins for me as I met my one year commit to not date for a year after my divorce. Praise God I honored this and I got to see my relationship with God really go to a much deeper level, as well as see my trading transform significantly during this period.

As I go to date, which I do not want to be a serial dater, I'm going to view dating sort of like the stock market, if I may. I'll have my "profit" stops and "cost" stops. Perhaps in a future blog entry, I'll share what some of those are in terms of dating.

So, if there are any single, eligible bachelor's out there that meet my "stop" criteria and is interested in me, message me here in my blog. But, I'm rather picky. Just like I wait for good entries & exits in trading, I can wait for the right guys to come into my life.

Stay tuned for more for me . . .
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