Up & Down

I had to work through quite a bit and I don't even know what it was that has caused me to be more neutral. In my mind, being neutral is best. It keeps us objective, not "hoping", so that if a trade goes against us, we get out.

For a long time, I just really liked making money when the market was tanking. In a sadistic way, it was fun. Then, when things started to change and go back up some, even if it's only for a few months, to only play bearish in a bullish period of time will only cost you money.

I've noticed this past week, I've taken just as many bearish trades as I have bullish. Even when the day is tanking, I no longer have that really excited feel, rather the market does whatever it does. It's right and I'm fine with it. No opinion whatsoever.

Somehow, not being excited, rather being neutral in my emotions WHILE trading is serving me far better. I zero in and focus on THAT trade. Once that trade is done, reset the mind to focus on the NEXT trade. The one before is done, finished.

One of the things about daytrading, sometimes scalping, you need to be able to quickly change, redirect & focus. Of course, plan your trade, trade your plan. How many times have you heard that? It's NOT overrated.

I do get excited every time -- exaggerated excited -- I make a profit. When I have a costing trade, I observe that -- note it, what I might have done right or wrong, move on. Dominant energy wins. My body, mind and spirit is becoming more adapted to taking profits more consistently.

Of the past 51 trades, I've had 7 go against me. That's 86% of my trades are profitable. Some of those trades are practice and others are funded. The ratio for both practice & funded are amazingly about the same:

PRACTICE = 86% profitable trades
FUNDED = 87% profitable trades

I'm just slightly better funded. Some days I ONLY do funded trades, but most days, I do a combination of both. I'm leaning more towards just funded, but only if I'm feeling good enough.

My costing trades are typically smaller than my profitable trades, if anyone is curious.

Just taking one trade, one day at a time. Continually developing discipline, building my knowledge base, managing risk, being aware of my thoughts & feelings and developing greater emotionally resiliency so I can better focus.
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