Market timing is key -- and that's for both entries & exits. It really is that simple. Are you getting in to the upside at support and getting out at resistance, vice versa to the downside? That has plagued millions of people all around the world for decades. People have lost so much money for lack of knowledge, patience, poor discipline, poor risk management.

Wow, I've fallen into that category more than once.

As I contemplate this, I think of my singlehood. Like Trading Goddess, we're both single. At least, I think she is. Correct me if I'm wrong. Two amazing women (her and me), traders, with lovely children, both single.

Not that I need a man. But, it would be nice to be with the right man. For those of you in wonderful marriages (you men) where you adore your wives and have been married for awhile, how did your wife capture your hearts? What qualities in her did you love? still love? How do you keep the romance & flames alive? Does she still capture your heart? Do you love her more now than you did when you first got together?

I'm gathering, Trading Goddess and I have some common traits, and then, some not. We're both unconventional and risk-takers, strong women.

When a guy says he wants a strong, independent woman who is sure of herself, does he really? What if she made more money than you? What if she expects you to rise to YOUR best, to challenge you and won't except less than your best. I'm not talking about a gold digger.

If there's a really good book out there or resource that has GOOD men pegged that I can read and learn from, I'm all ears. I'm willing to learn.

Picking the wrong men, I've done. So, just stopping and learning what in me caused me to attract those type of men, and changing ME. What I found is those voids, the neediness, the lack of self-esteem really caused me to attract the men I did.

Would my life be good without a man? YES. Definitely. I have a good life now (yes, some big challenges, but my life is still very good). In fact, it's a great life. I'm very blessed, am so surrounded with love and many good things. I'm able to see opportunities abounding all over the place.

Emotionally, I'm becoming more balanced and stable. Interferences are less bothersome. In fact, I'm learning to really master life's interferences and see them as stepping stones.

The market is so amazing. It really is very reflective of our lives. Make some strides forward, move back a little. It's back and forth. Sometimes we have huge downturns, but in the market, that basically means adjustments. Adjustments aren't bad, especially if you are prepared for them and can take advantage of them.

As I soon will be embarking on the dating scene, I've decided to rethink this approach. I wasn't going to do the conventional "dating" thing, but it might be fun. Someone asked recently, "how many nights a week do you go out?" Sad to say, but ZERO. That's a big fat ZERO.

I spend my evenings with my kids or on the 1 night a month, alone, just basquing in time alone. Maybe my former spouse wanting more time with the kids wouldn't be so bad. The kids do need their father, and the time alone to form new relationships would be good for me.

Honestly, I don't know that outside of being a mommy or trader, who am I? Yes, I'm a godly woman after God's own heart, but who am I? I've never had a romantic relationship with a man that was healthy. It intrigues me. Maybe just casually dating would allow me to see men differently than I've seen them all my life -- businesswise and as friends.

What a wonderful opportunity to learn more about men, to test things out. I'm still working on the woman I want to be. In 6 months from now, my finances will be so much more sound. My therapist is helping me so much with my emotional soundness. I know as God's working on me, He's working on my Mr. Right. I'm looking forward to meeting him, if I don't already know him.
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  1. Good luck Lady. I hoop that you will find the man you deserve.
    Also for jour kids.
    just_viewing twitter.

  2. Doris V Says:

    Thanks so much, Elske.

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