Sleep is NOT overrated. Now, if all you do is sleep, that might be another thing, but if you're a person that thinks that cutting back on sleep to say 3-4 hrs a night to get more work done, that's really not a good thing. Now, I know, some of you workaholics think, "Why should I sleep more if I get more done before 6 am than most people do in day?" Hey, I used to think that very thing. In fact, I did that from probably 18 yrs to 37-38 yrs old. A LONG time.

I read these articles about if you want to lose weight, you need to get enough sleep, a minimum of 6 hrs, but really, 7-8 is more desirable. That wasn't enough to convince me, but learning that certain hormones work around the 6 hr period ONLY if we're sleeping DID convince me. Those are some of the hormones that help your metabolism.

Mind you, I exercised DAILY for about 2 hrs/day, sometimes more. Yes, I was a wife and I'm a mommy of 2 kids, AND, I worked at a full-time engineering job for 1.5 decades. Most nights, I rarely got above 4 hrs of sleep. No wonder why I couldn't lose weight even with my really healthy eating & exercise.

The lack of sleep ONLY stressed my body out more, rather than give it the rest it needed to heal and function properly. This would include brain functioning. Even God rested on the 7th day and I worked all the time. Hmmmm . . . I'm certainly not better than God. There is NO comparison. He's way out of my league.

Anyway (one of my friends pointed out I use this word a lot), on the days it seems like I get enough sleep and can focus, trading is good. Oh, forgot, the most important thing -- PUT GOD FIRST. God empowers me to be able to trade well.

God is good. So far this week, I've had 3 profitable days, 1 costing day. Hopefully tomorrow will be another profitable day. I reset my goals a few weeks ago to be less aggressive until I am consistent again with all that I have going on.

God is blessing. Thank you God!
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