Mistake - 2 Minutes

This morning I was doing fine trading, profitable.

Two minutes before going out the door to take my kids to school, I decided to take on 2 trades. Not very good. That 2 min. trade turned into 8 minutes and therefore, made my daughter late to school. I was not profitable. First trade was costing, and the second trade was the same as the costing trade yet profitable. I would've broken even minus the commissions.

Later in the day, I got home shortly before needing to leave to my therapist's. I had maybe 5 min. and almost took a trade and remembered what happened earlier that morning.

I wasn't about to leave any of my trades unattended. Probably could've, but didn't. My trailing stop thing isn't working. Learn, learn, learn.

Do not trade right before you need to trade, even if you think it'll be a quick profit, because most likely, it isn't.
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